South Creek - From Catherine Park Estate to Windsor


The drive into Catherine Park Estate is warm and engaging. After passing St Benedict’s Catholic College, you will see the rows of mature trees that line the road, welcoming you as you drive by. As you approach the first roundabout, you will be met with a striking wall of green trees that act as the lungs of the community, standing tall and majestic in their maturity and wisdom. This is South Creek. At the next roundabout you will be greeted by “Fifi”, the 10-metre high fig tree (Ficus Hillii) which took its place in Catherine Park Estate earlier this year.

From its source, just below the former Oran Park Raceway about 4 kilometres north-east of Narellan, South Creek flows through Catherine Park Estate and then generally north, descending 94 metres over its 70 kilometre course. Along the way it is joined by seventeen tributaries including Badgerys Creek and Eastern Creek, until reaching its confluence with the Hawkesbury River, near Windsor.

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Robbins Lane - A new way to live is taking shape


Robbins Lane is a central element of the Catherine Park Estate masterplan. It is a deliberate and meticulously planned cornerstone of the entire estate. Not only is it a tribute to the community; Robbins Lane also harbours the rich history of the land and the people that came before. It is a respectful nod to the past and an exciting asset of the community to come.

Robbins Lane will be a pedestrian boulevard lined with stylish terrace, town and villa homes. This walkable village will form the heartbeat of the community and invite residents outdoors to make the most of their neighbourhood. It has been meticulously planned to make the most of its orientation and position on the former driveway of the majestic Catherine Park House, honouring the rich heritage of the area while offering the most exceptional village-inspired lifestyle to its future residents.

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Read our Interview with New Residents Shannan and Janelle Nelson

Interview new resident
Shannan and Janelle Nelson

Every month, Catherine Park Estate welcomes new residents who are part of our growing community, here we ask two new residents what they love about Catherine Park Estate

HOW DID YOU FIRST HEAR ABOUT CATHERINE PARK ESTATE? Shannan: We came for a drive and we were looking for land this way and we loved it out here. We loved Harrington Grove and Harrington Park and the size of the land was good. We were looking to buy a block of land and this one was quite nice, and we knew Catherine Park was being built by the same people as Harrington Grove, and we loved the way they did that development so we really like it here.

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Nurturing green beauty

Nurturing green beauty

Catherine Park Estate - like its predecessors Harrington Park and Harrington Grove - is renowned for its leafy tree-lined streets and preserved green areas.

The vision for such a green community takes a great deal of planning and investment, from the initial research into the species that will thrive in the area, as well as the planned placement of trees.

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Dave Van Houten – the tree expert

Dave van Houten

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THIS FIELD? Ever since I was young, my parents were avid gardeners. I loved seeing the rewards in the growth of the flowers and vegetables and fruits. When I was 17, at school, I did work experience at a nursery and fell in love with the field. After this, I managed to score an apprenticeship, and the rest is history. It has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP TIP/S WHEN PLANTING A GARDEN? To keep it simple. Plan for the future. Always start with a good garden bed, as it is the base of a good garden – always think about the roots first. Then ensure you give the garden and trees enough water. It sounds obvious but not enough people realise how important a good soaking is.

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