Orielton Homestead: restoring local heritage and greatness

Catherine Park House

Harrington Estates is fortunate to have restored three historic homesteads in the area – Harrington Park House in Harrington Park, Catherine Park House in Catherine Park Estate and Orielton Homestead in Harrington Grove. Undertaking these historically sensitive restorations has involved significant commitment but the rewards for the local community will continue for decades to come.


The restoration of Orielton Homestead was completed in 2018 following an intensive three-year undertaking. Every element of the restoration had to be carried out with complete historical accuracy in order to ensure its integrity and adhere to the strict historical requirements. It involved consultation with conservation architects Tropman & Tropman, sourcing specific historical materials and implementing old-fashioned techniques which were executed by specialist tradespeople.

Beginning as a hut in 1814, the homestead underwent a series of extensions and changes throughout the decades, most notably under Harriet Beard in the 1880s. It was used as officers’ quarters in WWII, a Poll Hereford Stud farming outstation by the Fairfax family in 1940s-1950s, a base for cult worshippers in the 1960s and a vet surgery and dog breeding facility in the 1970s. Prior to the commencement of the restoration in 2015, Orielton was in a state of complete disrepair and had suffered vandalism, internal demolition and general neglect.

Its long history meant that there were a significant number of architectural styles all incorporated into the homestead, all with their own materials, design conventions and historical requirements. They included the Old Colonial Era (1788 – 1840), Victorian Era (1840 – 1890), Mid-Victorian Era (1861 – 1875) and Federation Era (1890 – 1915). It was important for Harrington Estates to recognise all the respective features and conventions in order to accurately return the home to its former glory.

Old Catherine Park House    Catherine Park House


Catherine Park House    Catherine Park House



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