Foliage in focus: Cimmzam

Cimmzamm Tree

The Fraxinus Pennsylvanica 'Cimmzam' showcases the best of all seasons, with a deep green summer display followed by rich autumnal colours in the cooler months. Its autumn leaves are longer lasting than many others, when out of the wind, meaning its beauty is prolonged.  

Once established this deciduous species is tolerant of extreme heat and cold, making it a durable choice to line the streets of Catherine Park Estate. Originating in North America, it grows to about 13 metres x 8 metres at full maturity, providing great shade and thriving in full sun.

Cimmzam will line Vines Way and Rowland Avenue within the Kensington precinct.

Residents are kindly asked to look after their street trees to ensure the continued beauty of the community.

How to care for street trees

Street trees are an important feature of Catherine Park Estate and are the result of a carefully considered tree plan strategy. With your assistance through watering and ongoing care, the trees in your street will thrive to become a beautiful addition to the community for many generations to come.

Caring for street trees is easy – just follow the below steps.

  • Give your tree a good soaking at least once a week. Trees require more water than turf. Don’t rely on lawn irrigation, which does not provide sufficient water.
  • Fertilise your tree once a year with a good organic fertiliser. Spring is always a good time to fertilise.
  • Pruning of your new tree can be done at any time of the year.
  • Remove any suckers or bottom growth as it appears.
  • Mulching around the base of your tree will also help to keep the area moist and prevent the soil from drying out.
  • While you’re watering your tree, be sure to fill the “ag-line”. And ag-line sits in the ground near every street tree and helps ensure that street trees have adequate water supply long after receiving water. Fill the ag-line near your tree until the water level rises to the top and sprinkle a little water over the tree to finish it off.
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