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Golden years deserve a golden lifestyle: downsize without compromise

golden lifestyle in Catherine Park

Each phase of life is punctuated by a range of different settings and mind frames. There is the energy of youth, the calming of the adult years and the deceleration of the twilight years, all of which come with a range of special requirements. At the top of the list is one’s home, essentially the basis for everything else to follow.

In the later years, there is nothing more comforting than a home that serves instead of being served. While a large home on a grand property can be charming during child-rearing years, it can become a burden decades later when the number of people utilising it and the energy to maintain it fade.

Terrace Homes on Robbins Lane are ideal for downsizers. They make the best use of space to comfortably live as a couple, while still offering plenty of room for grandchildren to sleep over or dinner guests to be effortlessly entertained. There is no sense of compromise, only a floorplan that is practical and spacious without excess.

They pair complete independence with a social setting, allowing residents to be as involved in the community as they wish. Being situated on Robbins Lane, residents can actively utilise the pedestrian boulevard or passively watch the world go by. The range of pathways around Robbins Lane also provide an easy and safe means of exercising close to home.

Being brand new, Terrace Homes are exempt from the maintenance requirements of an older property. As houses age, the list of repairs gets larger and more cumbersome. There can be leaks, cracks, dampness, salt weakness and general wear and tear of smoke detectors, paint, flyscreens, insulation and roof tiles[1], all of which can be burdensome and expensive to repair and replace.

On the other hand, brand new Terrace Homes are not only covered by warranty but also come without the hassle of maintenance. In addition to that, they are more energy efficient and cheaper to run, and also eliminate the hazards of dangerous materials such as lead paint and asbestos.

While Terrace Homes come complete with simple landscaping to ensure they are presentable, the gardens are low maintenance and will not be taxing to maintain. There is no need for a range of gardening equipment, nor hours of heavy gardening tending to it all. After all, the senior years ought to be a time of enjoyment, not obligation.

Selling a larger property and downsizing can often have positive financial outcomes as well. When combined with the time gained from living in a brand new, maintenance free home, the result is additional money and time to actually enjoy hobbies, pastimes and holidays that may have previously seemed out of reach.

Enquire about a Terrace Home in Catherine Park Estate on 02 4604 6046 or catherinepark.com.au.

[1] http://www.yourhome.gov.au/you-begin/repairs-and-maintenance


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