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Dog Park tips: Getting the most out of Paw Park

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Social interaction and exercise are key for happier, healthier dogs. Use these dog park tips to get the most out of Paw Park in Catherine Park Estate.

Catherine Park Estate’s recently unveiled dog park – Paw Park, on the corner of Catherine Park Drive and Astley Road in the Kensington release – has been a hit with the dog-loving members of our community.

Paw Park provides Catherine Park Estate residents with a chance to get their dogs out of their back yard and into a wide open play area where they are free to run, jump and socialise with other dogs. It is also a beautiful outdoor setting for our human residents to enjoy some fun in the sun, fresh air, physical activity and social interaction. And honestly, if you are dog owner living in Catherine Park Estate, you’d be barking mad not to make regular visits to Paw Park.

We are happy as a dog with a bone to see the Paw Park facilities being enjoyed by resident dogs and their humans, so we wanted to share some suggestions on how to get the most out of Paw Park. Here are some pawsome tips for enjoying Paw Park with your dog and with other residents and their dogs.

F for funtastic

Paw Park is all about fun, for you and for your pooch. Take a frisbee, a tennis ball and cricket bat, or a soccer ball and enjoy some unbridled physical activity with your dog. Paw Park is designed for fun – for both four-legged and two-legged visitors – so make sure you head to Paw Park with your hypothetical tail wagging with glee just as much as your dog’s actual tail is, and leave as dog tired as your dog is.

Pay attention to your dog – and others

While it can be tempting to set your dog free in Paw Park and forget about them, keep a close eye on them as they tear around the park. Pay attention to how they use the facilities and how they socialise with other dogs. The easiest way to do this is to get in on the fun with your dog – take the bit between your teeth and go crazy with your four-legged friend.

Get to know your fellow Catherine Park Estaters

Yes, Paw Park is a dog park, but it is also a park that us mere humans can benefit from visiting too. Visiting Paw Park is a great way to introduce yourself to some of your fellow Catherine Park Estaters and make new neighbourhood friends. Community is at the heart of Catherine Park Estate, and at Paw Park your dog shouldn’t be the only one striking up conversations and interacting with new friends. You never know who you may end up making friends with at Paw Park.

Be mindful of other residents and avoid dog acts

On the way to and from Paw Park, and while at Paw Park, keep in mind your fellow Catherine Park Estate residents. Be mindful of how your dog’s behaviour may affect those around you. Keep your dog on its leash when heading to and from Paw Park, and always remember to carry dog poop bags with you when you’re out with your dog. This has become a common and responsible practice for dog owners and we encourage all dog owners in Catherine Park Estate to adopt this policy.

Paw Park in Catherine Park has separate areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs, enabling all dogs and dog owners the get the most out of the facilities. We encourage all dog residents – and their people – in our community to take advantage of the facility.

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