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Buying a home is the biggest investment that most of us will ever make. Much thought, effort, stress, emotion and time will inevitably be expended throughout your personal journey from home buyer to homeowner. There are a litany of questions that need answering, research that needs doing, and information that needs gathering before you make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

While the process of purchasing a home by its very nature will always have its challenges. At Catherine Park Estate we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that buying your home – be it a completed home, a home & land package, or a block of land where you bring your own builder – is an easy, transparent and enjoyable process.

The Catherine Park Estate team ensures this by uniquely guiding customers through the sales process with confidence.

Inside the Catherine Park Estate process

Catherine Park Estate isn’t a one size fits all land development, and we know that our customers are individuals looking for the perfect home to suit their lifestyle. With these truths guiding us, our customer consultation process starts by gaining a deep understanding of you as an individual. Through in-depth discussions we learn all about you, from your background, tastes and reasons for buying, to your budget and needs of your new home.

Having these in-depth discussions with you, which will often take place over a few consultations, enables us to learn exactly what you are seeking. From there, it’s a simple process to match you with the home that best suits your lifestyle and we personally guide you all the way through to the day you move into your new home and beyond.

Building long-term relationships

The proof of our process is in the pudding. We develop close ties with our customers that often lead to long-term relationships due to the thoroughness during the buying process.

Building or buying a house is a very personal journey for the buyer, but at Catherine Park Estate it is also a very personal journey for our sales team. Our sales team will take the unknowns out of the equation to give you reassurance along your journey.

When you choose Catherine Park Estate for your home, our relationship with you doesn’t end when we sell you your land or home, and it doesn’t end when you move into your completed house. We don’t take lightly the responsibilities entrusted upon us when you choose to partner with us for the place you will call home, and the relationships we cultivate with you extends beyond the conclusion of the sales process.

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