Investing in the environment: Harrington Estate’s long-term plan for sustainability

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One of the most important aspects of how Harrington Estates have approached Catherine Park Estate is the preservation of large areas of Cumberland Plan Woodland within the estate.

Despite early stages of the development requiring the removal of some areas of bushland, the long-term vision for Catherine Park Estate will be enlivened with natural bushlands. To further enhance this vision, Harrington Estates have created a sustainable funding model to ensure the continued growth and preservation of natural flora.

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Narellan Town Centre - Just a hop, skip and jump away from Catherine Park Estate

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Catherine Park Estate is in an ideal position to be able to access all the facilities, transport and services of the growing Macarthur area. Shopping facilities such as Narellan Town Centre are a matter of minutes from Catherine Park, providing a plethora of shops and services to make sure you have everything you need (and want!).

Getting from Catherine Park Estate to the Narellan Town Centre is a short and simple drive down the road, taking around 10 minutes from door to door. To make sure you can get from A to B with no worries, the team at Catherine Park have organized the below maps. Simply click on the embedded map and it will open in your Google Maps application on your mobile. We have also included a map with directions for arriving via public transport for your convenience.

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Share in the rich history of Catherine Park Estate

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Catherine Park Estate incorporates physical activity into the everyday lives of our residents, with abundantly green community spaces that are there to be enjoyed by all. Open spaces and easy access to the outdoors is a central theme to the Catherine Park Estate lifestyle.

Communities with active living design considerations such as access to open spaces, playing fields, walking and cycling paths, facilitate active and healthy living by their residents. And active people make their neighbourhoods safer and more liveable. Walking, cycling and public transport provide more opportunities for social connection and inclusion.

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We’d Love To Show You Around This Holiday Season

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The team at Catherine Park Estate would like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season.

The Catherine Park Estate sales office is open daily from 8:30AM to 5:00PM throughout the holiday period, with the exception of the following days:

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Sydney’s newest residential development is launched in style

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The link between open green spaces and healthier living has long been felt by those lucky to live in green suburbs where open spaces and trees are more important than grey concrete.

A new five-year research project entitled Greener Cities Healthier Lives is aiming to now prove this theory. [1]

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