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The trees of Catherine Park Estate


A key feature of Catherine Park Estate is leafy tree-lined streets and a collection of carefully preserved green areas. While contributing to the natural beauty, there’s another reason why we plant trees in Catherine Park Estate and why we developed a carefully considered tree plan for this community and its residents.

Trees in residential and urban areas help to offset what’s known as the ‘heat sink effect’, also referred to as the ‘heat island effect’. These terms describe instances where localised warming occurs due to dark-coloured and paved surfaces, buildings and the emission of heat from human activities.

The buildings and hard surfaces absorb the sun’s heat and send it rippling throughout the surrounding areas long after the sun goes down. Academic research by Western Sydney University notes that heat sink effect can cause street-level temperatures to rise by as much as 10 degrees.

Introducing tree’s and reflective surfaces can increase human thermal comfort and help to reduce temperatures at ground level on hot days, which is important because it reduces health risks associated with extreme heat conditions.

Harrington Estates’ proven tree plan success

Conservation plays a key role in all Harrington Estates’ developments. Our communities are caringly and carefully built in and around their natural setting; they don’t replace their natural setting. We have successfully implemented tree plans at Harrington Park and Harrington Grove and over the ensuing years have witnessed the positive effect that they are having on these communities.

As a leading residential community developer in South West Sydney, we believe conservation of the natural local environment matters in residential development.

At Catherine Park Estate we have now successfully reached the halfway point of implementing our tree plan. A key feature of Catherine Park Estate is leafy tree-lined streets and a collection of carefully preserved green areas. In fact, our gardeners recently planted the milestone 1,000th tree in Catherine Park Estate.

Why have a tree plan?

Beyond helping to cool residential areas and increasing human thermal comfort, trees also offer several other great advantages in developed environments, including helping to:

  • mitigate climate change;
  • reduce noise;
  • increase biodiversity;
  • provide shade; and
  • reduce wind speed.

This is why a strategic tree plan was included in the initial design of Catherine Park Estate. The introduced trees also ensure that the streets of our community remain pristine and picturesque year-round. So, the next time you are outdoors in Catherine Park Estate, take a moment to admire the trees and appreciate the important role that trees play in your community and environment.

Talk to our sales team today if Catherine Park Estate sounds like the kind of place you’d rather call home. Or, read more about what Catherine Park Estate can offer you and your family.

COVID-19 Update
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25 May 2020
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