Spring gardening tips in Catherine Park Estate

Springtime gardening

We can smell, sense and feel spring before we can see spring. Step outside your front door or into your backyard on September 1 and the mood has clearly changed. It calls us outside to bask in the tantalising smells, sights and life-affirming promise of another glorious Sydney spring season.

Spring is gardening season – the time to put into practice all those gardening tips you’ve been gathering over the winter months. It’s when we reconnect with that green thumb that resides somewhere deep down within all of us and relish getting outdoors and working with nature to create something beautiful.

The Catherine Park Estate team puts a premium on the natural beauty of our community. It’s why earlier this year we planted the milestone 1,000th tree in Catherine Park Estate, and why we are building our community in and around the natural beauty of our special location.

Spring gardening tips from our experts

With spring having sprung, here are some expert spring gardening tips from the Catherine Park Estate horticulture team. Follow these tips and your garden will become the envy of your neighbours – even if you don’t officially fancy yourself as an expert green thumb.

Equipment inspection

If your power tools and gardening equipment have been sitting idle over Autumn and Winter, give it a quick inspection to make sure it’s still in good working order before you commence your spring gardening. Sharpen what needs to be sharpened, and stock up on supplies that have run low.

Yard inspection

At the very start of spring, grab a pen and paper and have a critical look at your back and front yards. Take note of what needs weeding, what needs clearing out, what hardscapes, such as walls, fences, benches, sheds, trellises, require maintenance. Use your inspection to visualise what changes you want to make and how they will sit with your existing features.

Make a plan

Compile a list to organise and prioritise your spring gardening activities to ensure that you get through everything. Focus on hardscape issues first, then consider how you want to use that large back yard you have in Catherine Park Estate.

Spring cleaning

Before you get to the exciting stuff, do a thorough clean up. Remove fallen branches, leaves and other debris that has gathered over winter. If you have a water feature, give it a good scrub and sterilise.

Get grassing

Grass may not be the star attraction, but it needs regular attention. Use a garden fork or aerating tools to enable much-needed air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Apply an organic weed killer to remove those oh so hearty weeds that constantly try to take over your lawn, and use a lawn fertiliser to help your grass live its best life.

Trim and prune

Get rid of branches, leaves and plants that haven’t fared so well over winter to promote new growth. Your summer flowering shrubs such as hibiscus will benefit from a spring trim to ensure they bloom come Summer.

Pest patrol

As spring heats up, like moths to a flame aphids and other pests will be drawn to your garden. Use an organic garden insecticide to manage them.

Plant new flowers and shrubs

Now that your garden has received some spring TLC, focus on new plants. Lean towards planting more perennials as they will survive winter and last for a number of years.

Create a veggie patch

Veggie patches are a fun addition to every backyard, especially if you have children to share the experience with. Sydney’s temperate spring weather is perfect for planting herbs (basil, chives, coriander, oregano, parsley) as well as everything from beans, beetroot and broccoli to capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes and sweet corn.

What about the rest of spring?

You’ve started with gusto, but don’t lose your zeal for spring gardening. Here are some key spring gardening tips and activities for October and November.


  • Consider new flower beds.
  • Transplant seeds.
  • Mulch


  • Remove dead flower bulbs.
  • Prune flowering shrubs.

Spring into spring gardening in Catherine Park Estate

Sydney in spring is perfect for getting outside and working on your yard and garden. Follow these spring gardening tips and you’ll make the most of spring 2020 in Catherine Park Estate.

Catherine Park Estate is a community, not just a development. Contact our Sales & Information Centre on (02) 4604 6046 for more information about house and land packages and land for sale in Catherine Park Estate.

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