Robbins Lane: the jewel in the crown at Catherine Park Estate

Robbins Lane

See the first splash of colour as the trees blossom for spring. Smell the early morning dew on the emerald grass and feel the sunshine warm your face. Robbins Lane is making excellent progress and will be alive with the sounds and sights of a buzzing community in no time.

Harrington Estates has developed Catherine Park Estate in a way to provide visual and mental respite, from the daily challenges of modern life with wide open spaces and parks that allow residents to truly exhale and feel at ease.

Once complete, Robbins Lane will be a pedestrian boulevard and cycleway that forms the cornerstone of the estate, seamlessly connecting residents to the historic Catherine Park House and kilometres of walking paths.

The central pathway has already been laid and is flanked by lush grass and mature trees that will form a shady canopy for the range of local birdlife and residents alike.

Robbins Lane is set to be a unique feature of Catherine Park Estate and will surely be a highlight of the community for years to come.

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