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Robbins Lane – A Vibrant Urban Village is Born

robbins lane born

While it’s easy to describe the ideal community, the reality is that it takes a myriad of small factors to unite in order to create one. In the hustle of increasingly busy modern lives, it can be challenging for people to come together like they once did. Robbins Lane – a pedestrian and cycle friendly boulevard in Catherine Park Estate, contains all the pieces of a community-minded puzzle, carefully thought through by Harrington Estates, for the benefit of the community that will call it home.

The sights and sounds of Robbins Lane will create the ultimate foundation for community life. The usual hum of neighbourhood cars will be replaced by the calls of children right down the lane, as they are drawn to play outside with their friends and neighbours. You can hear their parents reminding them to be careful as they zoom down the gentle slope from Catherine Park House on their scooters and bikes.

Smell the crisp autumn leaves as they crackle underfoot. Engage in meaningful conversations with your neighbours. Watch local people walking and jogging by. Feel the morning sun gently warming up the pathway. Robbins Lane is a cosmopolitan village that underpins an entire lifestyle.

Some of the terrace, town and villa homes lining Robbins Lane have living areas upstairs, allowing residents to capitalise on the sweeping views of the pedestrian boulevard below, to always feel a part of the community even when they are at home.

It also offers the added benefit of passive security, providing for a community that is switched on and invested in its immediate surrounds; that values its village mentality and cares about the wellbeing of its neighbours.

Robbins Lane is a walkable village that has something to suit everyone. Parents will love the peace of mind afforded by the car-free lane. Caffeine addicts will love being able to get a coffee from the nearby future neighbourhood centre. Couples will love the smaller home options to suit their lifestyles. Families will love the larger homes with up to four bedrooms and plenty of space. Older people will love recapturing the village mentality of their childhoods. History buffs will love the historical roots and stories of the land.

Robbins Lane will capture the true joy of uniting as a community, enriching the lives of its residents and setting the bar for cosmopolitan village living.

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18 June 2020
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