Robbins Lane - A new way to live is taking shape


Robbins Lane is a central element of the Catherine Park Estate masterplan. It is a deliberate and meticulously planned cornerstone of the entire estate. Not only is it a tribute to the community; Robbins Lane also harbours the rich history of the land and the people that came before. It is a respectful nod to the past and an exciting asset of the community to come.

Robbins Lane will be a pedestrian boulevard lined with stylish terrace, town and villa homes. This walkable village will form the heartbeat of the community and invite residents outdoors to make the most of their neighbourhood. It has been meticulously planned to make the most of its orientation and position on the former driveway of the majestic Catherine Park House, honouring the rich heritage of the area while offering the most exceptional village-inspired lifestyle to its future residents.

Catherine Park Estate will be truly unique because of Robbins Lane. The masterplan was developed around the pedestrian boulevard, ensuring that there is a space for people to enjoy their environment without the dominance of cars. It is a place for young people and older people alike, lined by quality homes that proclaim the quality of the community that surrounds them. 

Harrington Estates believes in the cosmopolitan village. In Robbins Lane it has created a modern urban village, a place to be proud of for years to come. Harrington Estates has proven itself as a developer that delivers masterplanned estates of the highest quality, and Robbins Lane will prove to be yet another success story that will stand proudly for many generations to come. 

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