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Outdoor entertaining in cooler weather at Catherine Park Estate

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If trends in new home designs are anything to go by, Australians love a great functional outdoor entertaining area. We know that there are lots of wonderful al fresco dining areas in Catherine Park Estate that our Catherine Park Estaters enjoy year-round.

The focus on staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on our desire for functional outdoor entertaining areas, which usually cater for summer entertaining and dining. So in order to enjoy your outdoor area in cooler weather there are a few simple things you can do.

Heating options galore

There are plenty of outdoor heating options to choose from. Take your pick from fixed electric bar heating, fixed or portable gas heating, and traditional wood-burning fires, to name a few.

An electric radiant heater can be mounted on the ceiling or wall of an outdoor room and because it’s radiant the heat is projected directly to skin or objects rather than just heating the air.

Outdoor gas heaters provide instant heat, but as with all outdoor heaters you need to be close to it or the heat will be lost in the air. Like electric heaters, they can be mounted on a ceiling or floor, and there are portable gas heaters in many different sizes available too.

Outdoor entertaining in winter also lends itself nicely to the mesmerising allure of an open fire. An open wood-burning fire can be as simple as a large clay bowl, or as elaborate as a sophisticated built-in fireplace. Be mindful that a wood-burning fire can be quite messy, so set it up in an area that is easy to clean.

A word of caution with any outdoor heating or fire – make sure it is safe for both adults and children, has plenty of air circulation, and conforms to all regulations.

Include the humble rug for great outdoor entertaining

If you’re sitting outside in winter a thick rug is our best friend in the world. Placing it on your lap or draping it over your shoulders will keep you warm and toasty.

If you’re inviting a small number of friends over for outdoor entertaining in winter make sure you advise them to dress accordingly and provide them with a warm rug. The rugs can be a great addition to your décor. There are plenty of affordable throw rugs from discount department stores right up to upmarket homewares shops.

Hearty food and hot drinks

In summer most Catherine Park Estaters favour BBQ meat and salads for outdoor dining. In winter it’s hearty food and warm drinks that will help keep you and your guests warm from the inside out.

When you’re carrying food outside you want to keep it simple with comforting bowl food and chunky soups. Drinks could include mulled wine or hot chocolate, which your guests can enjoy while roasting marshmallows on the open fire. Cheese or chocolate fondues are also great for outdoor gatherings as they make fun, delicious snacks and provide a never-ending source of warmth. 

Set the scene with lighting and candles

Permanent or temporary lighting is a great way to set the scene for outdoor entertaining. There is a myriad of string lights that can be used in the garden or wrapped around different structures and you don’t even have to have visitors to enjoy them. Make sure you choose lights that are suitable for outdoor use, particularly if you’re planning to leave them in place for a while.

Candles are also a wonderful addition to outdoor dining. They can have a practical role in providing light, but they also offer an ambience that bright lighting cannot replicate. Scented candles add another sensory delight, while also complementing other outdoor décor items.

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