Nurturing green beauty

Nurturing green beauty

Catherine Park Estate - like its predecessors Harrington Park and Harrington Grove - is renowned for its leafy tree-lined streets and preserved green areas.

The vision for such a green community takes a great deal of planning and investment, from the initial research into the species that will thrive in the area, as well as the planned placement of trees.

Then there is a lot of work undertaken by the landscaping staff to plant and nurture them to maturity.

Catherine Park Estate is also in the fortunate position of being able to draw from the Harrington Estates commercial-scale plant nursery which provides many of the thriving trees across all Harrington Estates communities.

At the helm of all things green is Dave Van Houten. Dave is known as Harrington Estates’ tree expert and strives to support the environment and nurture the growth of the tree-lined streets and surrounding forest land. His experience in the local area is extensive; he planted the first tree in Harrington Park in 1993. Here Dave shares his behind-the-scenes insights and top tips for gardening at Catherine Park Estate.

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Dave Van Houten – the tree expert
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