Meet Lynn and Sandra

interview withLynn and Sandra

1. How did you first hear about Catherine Park Estate?

Lynn (L): We were just driving down the road and up popped the sign.

Sandra (S): We’d been looking at other areas and just happened to be driving past and saw the ‘Land Available’ sign. We drove up to the beautiful big house on the hill and thought ‘Wow, this is lovely’, and we were happy to put a deposit down on a block.


2. What made you want to move to Catherine Park Estate?

L: It ticked all the boxes, right through from the sales side of things to the sales lady herself, it was just a fit that we loved. It felt like home.


3. Why is Catherine Park Estate different from other estates?

S: I love the trees, and the fact that it has rules. The developer wants us to keep it sort of uniform and that makes it of a really high standard. That was important, and I find you don’t get that in other estates.


4. How would you describe the estate in three words to a friend?

S: To describe the estate in three words to a friend, I’d probably say quality, community…

L: … and home.

S: And home!


5. How much has Catherine Park Estate changed since you moved in?

L: The estate itself has changed like tenfold since we moved in April. Lots of trees in the streets, there’s a park around the corner for the children, the dog park’s nearly complete, and our street is full of houses. It’s on its way to being even greater than it already is.

6. What’s your favourite thing about Catherine Park Estate?

S: I’m a big fan of Robbins Lane, we live quite close and it’s just so well designed. It runs straight up to the beautiful house on the hill, it’s special.


7. How did you find the sales process?

L: The sales process was flawless, 100 out of 10. They were exceptional, the process was so easy, made by the fact that we clicked with the sales lady. She’s an absolute legend. I think that’s why we decided to stay here. It was all because of her really.


8. What is your favourite thing to do in Catherine Park Estate?

L: Having a drink in the backyard and enjoying what we’ve created – our home.

S: Whereas I’m a morning person and I get up every morning and go for a walk, so I love the dawn and walking up the hill. You can turn around and look to the east and see the sun rise over Gregory Hills, that’s definitely my favourite part.


9. What are your hopes for the future of Catherine Park Estate?

S: This is our forever home, we won’t just be here for just five years we will be here forever. We’ve made a lot of great memories here, and we intend to make some more.

S: Lynn and I are getting married in February, and we’ve actually decided to get married here at home because it’s a very special place to us.

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