Investing in the environment: Harrington Estate’s long-term plan for sustainability

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One of the most important aspects of how Harrington Estates have approached Catherine Park Estate is the preservation of large areas of Cumberland Plan Woodland within the estate.

Despite early stages of the development requiring the removal of some areas of bushland, the long-term vision for Catherine Park Estate will be enlivened with natural bushlands. To further enhance this vision, Harrington Estates have created a sustainable funding model to ensure the continued growth and preservation of natural flora.

To further improve the biodiversity of the local area and to provide additional funds for the management of the bushland, Harrington Estates entered into an agreement with the Commonwealth Department of the Environment to establish a native seed nursery onsite to substantially increase the diversity of plant species used in local revegetation projects.

A pilot nursery was established to test the viability of growing small, herbaceous species in a controlled environment and collecting the seed to use in local revegetation projects.

The success of the pilot nursery has allowed Harrington Estates to invest in upgrading the nursery to a commercial scale operation, with the funds from the sale of seed to revegetation projects going towards the long-term maintenance of bushland in Harrington Grove and Catherine Park Estate.

This has allowed additional financial support for the community scheme as well as increasing the diversity of species used.

Harrington Estates are proud of their efforts to boost and revegetate the areas within and surrounding their projects, providing a long-term environmental solution.

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