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New resident, Andrew Zaia had this to say about Catherine Park Estate

How did you first hear about Catherine Park Estate?
I heard about it from a person who purchased a block of land in there as well. It was really good land, a really good price, and it was the first release, so that’s basically how I found out about Catherine Park Estate.

How long were you looking before you bought this block?
A year and a half.

Were you always looking around that general area?
Not really. I currently live about 20-25 minutes away from Catherine Park Estate, so I was looking more around the area I live in now. But the land that was available wasn’t clear or fresh.

What makes Catherine Park Estate different to other estates you visited?
It’s a new estate, and just the way it is well-presented. When I went to speak with Kerrie from Catherine Park Estate, the way that she presented it and what they’re planning on doing in the future made it look really nice.

How would you describe the estate in three words to a friend?
New, clean, perfect.

How much has the estate changed since you first visited?
It has changed dramatically. Now there are a lot of homes already built, there are actual roads – when I purchased the land it was just all dirt. It’s come a long way really fast and really well.

What do you think about Catherine Park House? Did it have any impact on your decision to buy here?
I like the fact that it is a heritage home, so it holds a bit of culture there as well. It didn’t have an effect, but it was an extra add-on.

How did you find the sales process?
They’ve got it pretty much down pat. Everything is all good with it. They’re very reasonable with their clients.

What are you looking forward to in the development?
It will be interesting to see what they do with the park. Any interactive activities in there for young families – swings, a nice little play area, all that would be really nice.

When will your home be complete?
Probably March. Our slab is due to be poured soon.

Who will be living in your home with you?
My partner Laura and I will be moving in next year. She is probably a little bit more excited about it than I am to be honest…moving in together I mean!

How have your experiences been with your neighbours?
So far so good. The majority of dealings have been about fences. I have had contact with my neighbour who has already moved in there and they seem very pleasant and very well-mannered. My other neighbours haven’t moved in yet.

What are some of your favourite features of the wider area?
I haven’t spent a lot of time in the wider area yet. I have had some drinks with friends at a local hotel and that was pretty cool, I did like that.

What are your hopes for Catherine Park Estate and your household in the next five years?
I’d definitely like to stay in Catherine Park Estate for a good five to ten years. Especially from the way you can see it developing now, it looks really elegant – nice homes, one nice neighbour next to me so far and the guy on the other side seems pretty cool. When I have driven past, my neighbours across the road have always waved, so they seem pretty nice as well. It seems like a pretty nice neighbourhood to raise a family.

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