House spotlight: Terrace homes

Terrace homes Robbins Lane

Robbins Lane will feature a combination of Town, Villa and Terrace Homes that combine to create an interesting vista that will incorporate something for everyone. While all contributing their own unique characteristics, the various homes will unite to create the unique Robbins Lane landscape.

The modern and uniquely designed double-storey Terrace Homes maximise space and energy whilst still maintaining the needs of every family. The 4-bedroom design adds a level of freedom and privacy that truly set them apart, enhancing the lives of the people who will call them home.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Terrace Homes is the upstairs living. Residents can enjoy the view of Robbins Lane from their private upstairs entertainment deck, watching the gentle activity below while keeping an eye on their neighbourhood.

Each Terrace Home also comes complete with a generous double garage to the rear of the property. This allows convenient access to both the homes themselves as well as Robbins Lane.

Intuitively designed, Terrace Homes feature light-filled spaces, modern styling and luxury inclusions to make day-to-day life a breeze. Terrace homes facilitate low maintenance living to complement a broad range of lifestyles.

With their own individual style, the Terrace Homes are for those who not only appreciate unique home design, but require a home exclusively created to suit each and every one of their needs.

Preserving a delicate piece of our history
Shining light on a gem of Robbins Lane
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