Foliage in focus: Cleveland Select

cleveland street

Pyrus Calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’

This distinguished and versatile ornamental pear tree is well known for its superb glossy green leaves and splendid seasonal displays. It is well utilised as an avenue tree as it makes quite the statement in all seasons.

Cleveland Select will feature heavily in the Kensington release, where it will line many of the streets including Wilhelm Parade, Meares Crescent, Rowland Avenue, Helsham Street, Gibbs Crescent and Cossart Loop. It also features on O’Keefe Drive, McNeill Circuit, Seidler Parade, Stratton Road, Boden Crescent and Wilenski Circuit in the St James release.

It is relatively fast growing, getting to approximately 11 x 5 meters at 20 years. Its foliage forms a pyramidal shape and branches tend to grow quite densely.

Cleveland Select knows how to put on a show year-round. In summer, the leaves are bright green and glossy, before becoming a brilliant splash of purplish red in autumn. Being deciduous, Cleveland Select drops its leaves in winter to expose its branch network before regenerating in spring with the accompaniment of white flowers and brown fruit.

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