Deck the halls – it’s November

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November is the month before the festive season, and the time when wise people get sorted for the craziness that follows. There are a few ways to get organised in advance so that Christmas can be a season to be enjoyed, rather than a time to be dreaded, stressed through and tolerated.

Lay plans

By planning what you are going to do and where you are going to be for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you can realistically allocate your most precious resource of all – time. Where will you be celebrating Christmas? What will you be contributing? Are you going to host it at home? Will you be going to church and if so, what time will you be going? Deciding on these factors will allow you to plan your time realistically and ensure you can factor in everything that is important to you.

Make a budget

It comes as no surprise that Christmas comes with a price tag, and by putting away a bit of money each week it will be much easier on the hip pocket than forking out a big lump sum in mid to late December.

Start shopping now!

Shopping for gifts also includes the planning phase. Think about what you would like to buy for people before you actually hit a shopping centre – it will save the tedium of walking aimlessly around a crowded mall. Start looking online for inspiration and buy when you come across the right item. Buying online in November allows plenty of time for postage, negating the need for expensive express postage fees. If you’re more into bricks and mortar stores, hit the shops early in the season and early in the day to avoid the chaotic crowds.

Think about decorations

Will you be buying new decorations for your tree and home this year? Buying in November means you will be ready to put them up come 1 December. If you’re going to pay for them, you may as well put them on display and enjoy it all for as long as possible!

Take a break

All of the spent Christmas energy usually warrants a well-deserved break afterwards. If you have been toying with the idea, sit down and plan it! Accommodation is usually cheaper when booked in advance, and will no doubt mean you can get in before places are booked out. Plan any arrangements for the pets at the same time. By organising the trip in advance, it also becomes something to look forward to.

Schedule events now

It seems everyone wants to catch up for Christmas in the weeks leading up to 25 December. With so many people to celebrate with, it can get chaotic and overwhelming to have to ‘choose’ in the event that clashes inevitably occur. Print out a working A3 December calendar to stick on the fridge so everyone can see when events are scheduled and what dates are free before committing to them.

Be smart posting cards and gifts

Get Christmas cards written and posted now! Christmas stamps can sell out as the season progresses, and given they are only 65 cents each compared to $1 for a regular stamp, preparation can save you a little bit of money. Christmas cards are also an easy item that can be ticked off the list early without much effort. Write them in front of the television watching a Christmas movie to get in the spirit! Posting gifts early will also save you the express postage fees and long lines at the post office.

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