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Cooking up a springtime storm

Lamb Roast

Now is the time to put away the heavy tablecloths and casserole dishes and break out the barbecue tongs and picnic basket as the weather warms up. Spring is a time of bountiful produce and inspiring new menu ideas that make the most of the balmier climate. Below are a few exciting meal ideas for the springtime months. 

Pasta and risotto dishes

Pastas and risottos open up a string of possibilities when it comes to showcasing the gems of the season. For pasta, think beyond the basic red sauce and make garlic, chilli and shallots the stars. In a risotto, why not highlight fresh peas, mushrooms and spinach brought together with the richness of parmesan? 

Lamb roast

Nothing says spring like a lamb roast, whether it is a leg, shoulder or rack. Although superb all year round, the flavour and ambiance of spring add something truly special. Roast it along with some fennel, beetroot and potato and the result is a spectacular weekend meal. 

Lighter soup

Spring can still serve up some fresh days and evenings, so a lighter soup is the answer. Instead of traditionally heavy winter ingredients, consider combinations of seasonal green beans, broad beans, broccoli, Asian greens, zucchini, peas, kale and shallots. Use potatoes as a natural thickener, chilli for kick and garlic for flavour, and spring soups can take on their very own distinct flavours. 


Another sensational way to use seasonal vegetables is in frittatas. Their versatility makes them ideal for cramming full of different flavours, textures and nutrients, and they can be enjoyed piping hot or cold the next day. Some perfect matches include potato and mushroom, spinach, feta and tomato and zucchini and broccoli.


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25 May 2020
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