Catherine Parks welcomes a new resident

18 CATH 0658 Catherine Parks welcomes a new resident2

Catherine Park Estates newest resident is from Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast; lively, welcoming and environmentally-minded. ‘Fifi’ – the 10-metre high Ficus Hillii Fig tree – will welcome residents from her central position on the second roundabout at Catherine Park Drive, adjacent the Kensington precinct and sports fields.

The new green addition to Catherine Park Estate was delivered before dawn on Friday 16 March. It arrived on a semi-trailer and was planted with the help of an entire team of people, along with two cranes.

It highlights Harrington Estates’ focus on mature plantings and bush regeneration that has set the estate apart from the very outset.

Managing Director of Harrington Estates, Terry Goldacre – the award-winning developer of Catherine Park Estate – personally hand-picked the tree and was onsite to welcome her on Friday morning. Mr Goldacre is a great advocate of blending built form with sustainable environmental initiatives.

“The development has been focused on trees and Harrington Estates strongly supports the need for trees in urban areas. Adding and preserving large green areas has been a standout priority of Catherine Park Estate,” says Mr. Goldacre. “Welcoming our majestic new Fig tree this morning was a proud moment, another green initiative we are honoured to deliver for our residents,” he says.

An Australian native, the evergreen Ficus Hillii Fig tree is known for its glossy green leaves and dense lush appearance. An impressive tree with a broad canopy and a dense crown of slightly weeping branchlets, a Ficus Hillii Fig tree can grow to a typical height of 15 to 20 metres with a spread of 8 to 12 metres.

Catherine Park Estate is in the fortunate position of being able to draw from the Harrington Estates commercial plant nursery for many of the estate’s street trees. The nursery was set up many years ago to test the viability of growing small, herbaceous species in a controlled environment. Now a commercial-scale operation, the nursery continues to provide thriving trees for all Harrington Estates communities.

Harrington Estates is proud of its efforts to boost and revegetate the areas within and surrounding its projects, providing a long-term environmental solution for the benefit of all its residents.

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