Catherine Park fetches a new park

Catherine Park fetches a new park

Catherine Park Estate would like to announce the arrival of our Kensington release, featuring an off-leash dog park plus playing fields for residents and the community.

The highly-anticipated release will see the sale of homesites and completed homesThe Kensington release is easily accessible via Catherine Park Drive and utilises great transport connection to unite surrounding suburbs via freeways, upgraded dual carriageway roads and rail.

Sports grounds are an integral part of any community, helping to promote active lifestyles and team sports. The playing fields at Catherine Park Estate will be a canvas of green space, spreading the size of two full-sized soccer fields. Dedicated sheds and changerooms will accompany the sports grounds, as well as parking and a playground.

The off-leash dog park has separate areas for smaller companions and their owners to enjoy safely. Exercise has been proven to greatly increase the well-being of our four-legged friends.

“We are excited to deliver the Kensington release with such a diverse range of housing options and community-building amenities. While we know that many new residents want to design and build their own home, we are seeing more and more people want to move into a brand-new home in a brand-new estate, so we have partnered with award-winning builder MainVue to deliver completed homes.

“The choice is really up to the buyer.”

 “Australia has one of the highest rates of dog ownership in the world and we know that dogs that are social and exercise are likely to be healthier and happier. Off-leash dog areas provide a safe community setting where dogs can play,” said Terry Goldacre, Managing Director of Harrington Estates.

The Kensington release is now available. Visit for more information.

Ideal Dog Park Features[1]

Though they vary in design and terrain, the best dog parks have a few similar characteristics that make them ideal places to safely exercise and socialise your pet. These include:

Enough space for normal interaction

The area should be big enough for dogs to run around and space themselves out. The Kensington Release dog park will be a wide-open space, large enough for all the community to enjoy.

Secure fencing and gates

For the safety of your pet, secure fencing and gates on the dog park are best in an off-leash park. Situated alongside Catherine Park Drive, the Kensington release dog park is secure with sturdy surrounding fences and gates.

The Kensington release stage one is one sale now. Visit for more information.


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