Foliage in focus: Cleveland Select

cleveland street

Pyrus Calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’

This distinguished and versatile ornamental pear tree is well known for its superb glossy green leaves and splendid seasonal displays. It is well utilised as an avenue tree as it makes quite the statement in all seasons.

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First town and terrace homes available soon

robbins lane born

It is with great excitement that we announce that a number of town and terrace homes have now been completed along Robbins Lane and will soon be available for purchase.

These homes are situated in a prime location. Not only are they within the cosmopolitan village of Robbins Lane, they are also at the higher end which gives way to sweeping views. They are ideally placed near the historic Catherine Park House which lends its majestic charm to the community, divided by some lush greenery. The future neighbourhood centre is also conveniently nearby.

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Meet the Martinazzos


DEANNA (D): Well, we were actually driving past. We saw the beautiful house, Catherine Park House, on the hill, and all the signage about future land release.

STEFANO (S): We looked on the internet and we saw that the Catherine Park was part of the Harrington Park/Harrington Grove group, so we were quite interested to see what the plan was to develop these. We knew that the developer of Harrington Grove was quite good, and we really love the area, so that’s why we start to look into it a little bit further.

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Warm up with these Tasty Recipes

robbins lane born


Winter conjures up sensations of all things warm and hearty. The comfort of a pair of fluffy socks worn around the house. The arresting sight and unmistakable crackling of a fire roaring in the living room. The smell of a delicious meal cooking slowly in the oven.

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Robbins Lane – A Vibrant Urban Village is Born

robbins lane born

While it’s easy to describe the ideal community, the reality is that it takes a myriad of small factors to unite in order to create one. In the hustle of increasingly busy modern lives, it can be challenging for people to come together like they once did. Robbins Lane – a pedestrian and cycle friendly boulevard in Catherine Park Estate, contains all the pieces of a community-minded puzzle, carefully thought through by Harrington Estates, for the benefit of the community that will call it home.

The sights and sounds of Robbins Lane will create the ultimate foundation for community life. The usual hum of neighbourhood cars will be replaced by the calls of children right down the lane, as they are drawn to play outside with their friends and neighbours. You can hear their parents reminding them to be careful as they zoom down the gentle slope from Catherine Park House on their scooters and bikes.

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