Spring gardening tips in Catherine Park Estate

Springtime gardening

We can smell, sense and feel spring before we can see spring. Step outside your front door or into your backyard on September 1 and the mood has clearly changed. It calls us outside to bask in the tantalising smells, sights and life-affirming promise of another glorious Sydney spring season.

Spring is gardening season – the time to put into practice all those gardening tips you’ve been gathering over the winter months. It’s when we reconnect with that green thumb that resides somewhere deep down within all of us and relish getting outdoors and working with nature to create something beautiful.

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Get fit in your local community in Catherine Park Estate

Springtime Fitness

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a boom in home fitness equipment and services, and many Catherine Park Estate residents have also enjoyed exercising outdoors close to home.

Living in Catherine Park Estate means you don’t have to go far to find great, welcoming outdoor fitness facilities such as parklands, outdoor fitness equipment, walking and running tracks, and bike paths.

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Top tips to stay healthy in winter at Catherine Park Estate

Winter Tea

If you’re lucky enough to already live in Catherine Park Estate, you’re no doubt living in a comfortable home with great surroundings, which helps make the winter months a little more manageable.

Recent events have shone a light on infection control and how germs spread. We’ve all learnt a lot about handwashing and keeping ourselves and our families safe this year, but there’s more to it than just cleanliness.

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Get a head start in Catherine Park Estate with HomeBuilder grant

AdobeStock 179250794

The new HomeBuilder grant from the Federal Government is here, offering home buyers a $25,000 head start on their new home. HomeBuilder is ready to kickstart your journey to a new home in Catherine Park Estate, where community comes first. Eligible home buyers can use the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant towards building your new home.

How will you use an extra $25,000 for your new home? It could mean the difference between settling for what you’ve budgeted for and getting the new home you truly want. 

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Outdoor entertaining in cooler weather at Catherine Park Estate

AdobeStock 238040264 Outdoor Entertaining

If trends in new home designs are anything to go by, Australians love a great functional outdoor entertaining area. We know that there are lots of wonderful al fresco dining areas in Catherine Park Estate that our Catherine Park Estaters enjoy year-round.

The focus on staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on our desire for functional outdoor entertaining areas, which usually cater for summer entertaining and dining. So in order to enjoy your outdoor area in cooler weather there are a few simple things you can do.

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10 December 2020
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05 November 2020
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In Honour of Lady Mary Fairfax, Catherine Park Estate will host our second annual gardening competition. Sharpen your tools and pull up those boots it is time to show off your new garden and claim your share in over $1000 worth of prizes.The competit...
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