100 little things series: Top 5 tips for decorating your home for Christmas

Decorating at xmas time

Decorating your house for Christmas can be easily overlooked with all the other things to organise, but adorning your home with the season’s aesthetic gems ensures that it will truly be the most wonderful time of the year. Below are some tips to decorate in style this year.

1. Consult the colour wheel
Choose a colour spectrum and carry it from your Christmas tree throughout your entire home. By selecting either contrasting or complementary colours and textures, you will create a sophisticated aesthetic. Don’t be bound by the traditional Christmas colours either – choose hues that resonate with you.

2. Don’t take it literally
You needn’t splash out on literal motifs of Christmas. Think less Santa Claus trinkets and more plaid fabrics. Trade the tinsel on the balustrades for fresh foliage runners. Replace the plastic pinecones with fresh pine-scented candles. Make it less of a visual retelling of Christmas and more of a sensory representation of the season.

3. Green is the new green
Foliage is very on trend at the moment - breathing life into interiors both aesthetically and literally. Real Christmas trees conjure up nostalgic memories and release the unmistakeable sweet-smelling perfume that can only mean Christmas.

4. Embrace the season
Not just the festive season, but the summer season. Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is a very different experience to that of our northern neighbours, so work with it rather than against it. Ditch the fake snow and steaming meals and replace them with cool summer foliage and fresh seafood to get the most out of the silly season.

5. Make its yours
It is important to follow style rules to an extent, but the Christmas decorations in your home also need to be a reflection of the people who live there. It is your home and your Christmas, so decorate it with things that will capture the spirit of the season for you.

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