Thoroughly planned from the beginning, it’s the thinking that’s gone into Catherine Park Estate today that will mean pride in your home for years to come.

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The space available at Catherine Park Estate has allowed our designers to be more inspired and to enhance the natural landscape with features that truly live up to the name ‘park’.

Miles of pathways and cycleways, a pedestrian boulevard, numerous parks and a sportsground are encircled by an abundance of green trees. The natural flow between all areas within the estate along with easy links to surrounding areas provide a sense of being sheltered yet very well connected.

Mature landscaping illustrates the care and attention to detail of the design from the moment you move in, set only to improve over the years. Hedges will create stylish lines, mature trees will delineate interesting spaces and beautifully landscaped promenades will declare a unique community for all time. Open spaces will provide enjoyment for every generation. There will be areas dedicated to public and private living to satisfy all elements of modern life.

The vision of green provides a natural flow between the estate and connection to surrounding areas and will be certain to delight residents and visitors alike for years to come

March 21, 2018, 9:30 pm