Catherine Park Estate is a vibrant community that encourages an easy, active lifestyle through its carefully considered planning and design. With innovative homes blending seamlessly with extensive amenities, Catherine Park Estate offers a unique synergy between convenience, style and contemporary living.

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The care and foresight that has gone into the layout of the entire community that makes up Catherine Park Estate sets it apart as forward-thinking, with ease of living, sustainability and the environment top of mind.

Catherine Park Estate has been designed as a neighbourhood where you and your family can enjoy the freedom of being outdoors and benefiting from an active lifestyle.

The community spaces that are integral to the vision of Catherine Park Estate are there to be enjoyed. With quieter, less busy streets, the only noise you’ll hear is children playing and the sound of lawn mowers on a sunny afternoon while neighbours wave and greet each other warmly.

March 21, 2018, 9:35 pm