Keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Catherine Park, a master-planned community nestled in the ever-expanding Macarthur region.

Catherine Parks welcomes a new resident

18 CATH 0658 Catherine Parks welcomes a new resident2

Catherine Park Estate’s newest resident is from Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast; lively, welcoming and environmentally-minded. ‘Fifi’ – the 10-metre high Ficus Hillii Figtree – will welcome residents from her central position on the second roundabout at Catherine Park Drive, adjacent the Kensington precinct and sports fields.

The new green addition to Catherine Park Estate was delivered before dawn on Friday 16 March. It arrived on a semi-trailer and was planted with the help of an entire team of people, along with two cranes.

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Top 5 things to consider in a home design

Home design image

There are so many thoughts and emotions one faces on the cusp of building a new home. The possibilities seem endless (and somewhat confronting) and after a while, it can be difficult to tell one floor plan from another. Here are five elements to consider upfront to ensure a smooth planning process and a home that meets your every aspiration.

1. Work with your lot

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Welcome to 2018

New Year Image

The summer holidays are now a set of sepia-coloured memories and faded tan lines, and we are excited to launch into 2018 with a bigger bang than ever. Our community is coming to life before our very eyes and there are so many exciting opportunities for the year ahead.

More than 150 homes in Catherine Park Estate are now occupied, with more settling every week. As we see increasingly more houses lit up at night time, we are incredibly proud of the community taking shape. We think of new residents preparing meals, setting tables and sitting down together, creating new routines and memories in their new homes. Soon, residents will have access to St James Park and Robbins Lane, both of which will create new avenues for outdoor entertainment and leisure.

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The veggie patch: eyesore or fridge filler?

Veggie Patch Image

There is little doubt about the benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables. It means little to no pesticides, savings at the checkout, an excuse to do physical exercise and a great life lesson for children. But many people are deterred from setting up their own patch for aesthetic reasons. And for others, it all seems too hard. But with the right planning and know-how, they can be a gourmet gem.

The Healthy Eating Pyramid prescribes five serves of vegetables or legumes and two serves of fruit every day, and there is no doubting the physical benefits of eating healthily. Planting your own produce means you know exactly how it has been grown; you control the soil quality, the use of pesticides and the maturity at which it is picked. In a society that is increasingly exposed to chemicals and shortcuts, it is refreshing and reassuring to know that your produce was grown the old-fashioned way.

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Robbins Lane: the jewel in the crown at Catherine Park Estate


See the first splash of colour as the trees blossom for spring. Smell the early morning dew on the emerald grass and feel the sunshine warm your face. Robbins Lane is making excellent progress and will be alive with the sounds and sights of a buzzing community in no time.

Harrington Estates has developed Catherine Park Estate in a way to provide visual and mental respite, from the daily challenges of modern life with wide open spaces and parks that allow residents to truly exhale and feel at ease.

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New sales office, continued warm welcome

New sales office

The team at Catherine Park Estate is proud to welcome residents and visitors to its new sales office in a brand new home, built by our partner builder, MainVue Homes and located at 18 Myer Way, near the entrance to Catherine Park Estate.

The Catherine Park Estate sales office was previously situated at the restored Catherine Park House, a stately home dating back to the 1830s.

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Smooth sailing on new roads


Upgrades to Oran Park Drive
Harrington Estates has recently completed important upgrades to Oran Park Drive, which will be sure to improve traffic flow and safety in the area. Oran Park Drive is an important thoroughfare for residents of Catherine Park Estate and Harrington Grove, as well as families of students from St Justins and St Benedicts. In order to cater for the increasing volume of road users, Harrington Estates undertook the road upgrades to ensure that travelling on Oran Park Drive is safer, faster and easier.

Better connected: Gregory Hills Drive Opens
Catherine Park Estate is even better connected with the opening of the remaining five kilometres of Gregory Hills Drive, which provides direct access from Camden Valley Way to Campbelltown.

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Hitting the mark with new Paw Park

paw park

The highly-anticipated Kensington release which includes both completed homes and land to build on – is now available. Kensington also features an off-leash dog park – Paw Park – plus playing fields for residents and the community.

The Kensington release is easily accessible via Catherine Park Drive and utilises great transport connections to unite surrounding suburbs via freeways and upgraded dual carriageway roads.

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Interview New Resident


New resident, Andrew Zaia had this to say about Catherine Park Estate

How did you first hear about Catherine Park Estate?
I heard about it from a person who purchased a block of land in there as well. It was really good land, a really good price, and it was the first release, so that’s basically how I found out about Catherine Park Estate.

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Catherine Park Estate residents celebrate their first Christmas together


Santa made an appearance, the champagne was sipped and the laughter filled the air at the very first Residents’ Christmas Party on Friday 1 December. The pioneering residents of Catherine Park Estate came together to celebrate not only the festive season, but their new community. It was a chance to learn neighbours’ names and backgrounds, to bond over new addresses and shared experiences of moving into this growing community.

Residents enjoyed the historical Catherine Park House in all its spectacular glory, taking in the beautiful decorations that truly sang with the Christmas spirit. They also enjoyed canapes, finger food, drinks and plenty of laughs, making the first Noel one to genuinely remember.

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Welcome to Catherine Park Estate


Catherine Park Estate is a community that residents relate to and identify with – and simply a place where people love to live. It is designed around the desire to live somewhere clearly distinctive, where quality underpins every street, home design and landscape.

Proudly restored to its historical finest by Harrington Estates, the beautiful 1857 Catherine Park House sets the tone, with its Georgian Revival elegance and stylish gardens.

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100 little things series: Top 5 tips for decorating your home for Christmas

Decorating at xmas time

Decorating your house for Christmas can be easily overlooked with all the other things to organise, but adorning your home with the season’s aesthetic gems ensures that it will truly be the most wonderful time of the year. Below are some tips to decorate in style this year.

1. Consult the colour wheel
Choose a colour spectrum and carry it from your Christmas tree throughout your entire home. By selecting either contrasting or complementary colours and textures, you will create a sophisticated aesthetic. Don’t be bound by the traditional Christmas colours either – choose hues that resonate with you.

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The Art Of Feng Shui: Positively Impacting Design

Feng Shui has been practised in China for well over 6,000 years, and played a significant role in shaping the country’s architecture. Despite attempts to supress it during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s, Feng Shui has done more than just remain a prominent method of design. It has broken the borders of its country and become well known throughout the Western world too.

Feng Shui was developed over 4,000 years, and during that time practitioners developed a map-like device known as a Bagua. It has eight sections, each relating to a point on a traditional compass and are connected to specific areas of life, as follows:


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Better by design: less energy usage through clever design

3d modern lounge interior 1048 6564

A new design method within the housing industry aims to enable you to live comfortably with minimal use of air-conditioning throughout the summer months, or heating in winter.

These smart designs could save home-owners a lot of money on electricity bills, as the design method combines and harnesses the natural elements with total-home insulation. This means you can greatly reduce use of air-conditioners and heaters.

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Better connected: Gregory Hills Drive opens


Catherine Park Estate will become even better connected with the opening of the remaining five kilometres of Gregory Hills Drive today - providing direct access from Camden Valley Way at Gregory Hills to Eagle Vale Drive and Badgally Road in Campbelltown.

Not only will this mean a more direct route, but the new $45 million dual-carriageway will also provide an alternative route to the heavily congested Narellan Road. The first phase will see one lane open each way, with the entire road set to open early in the new year. Motorists and public transport users alike will reap the benefits, with bus routes to be reconsidered to make use of the new arterial road.

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The benefits of well-designed dog parks for communities

b2ap3 medium Off leash dog park

Pets play an important part in our lives. Research shows that pets can help improve a person’s mental and physical health, reduce the effects of stress, facilitate social interaction between people and build a sense of community.[1]

Catherine Park’s latest land release, the Kensington release, features an off-leash dog park for residents and the community.

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Catherine Park fetches a new park

b2ap3 medium AdobeStock 90750264 smaller

Catherine Park Estate would like to announce the arrival of our Kensington release, featuring an off-leash dog park plus playing fields for residents and the community.

The highly-anticipated release will see the sale of homesites and completed homesThe Kensington release is easily accessible via Catherine Park Drive and utilises great transport connection to unite surrounding suburbs via freeways, upgraded dual carriageway roads and rail.

Sports grounds are an integral part of any community, helping to promote active lifestyles and team sports. The playing fields at Catherine Park Estate will be a canvas of green space, spreading the size of two full-sized soccer fields. Dedicated sheds and changerooms will accompany the sports grounds, as well as parking and a playground.

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Catherine Park Estate moves sales office to better welcome customers

b2ap3 medium New Sales Office Catherine Park

Catherine Park Estate, the prestigious land development by Harrington Estates, is proud to welcome residents and visitors to their new sales office located at 18 Myer Way, near the entrance to Catherine Park Estate.

The Catherine Park Estate sales office was previously situated at Catherine Park House, a stately home dating back to the 1830’s.

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Websites and apps to help with your interior design project

Interior 2

Designing, or re-designing, the interior of your new or existing home can be quite exciting, but if we’re completely honest, there’s always an element of fear lurking in our subconscious as well.

“What is fuchsia?”

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Family orientated community most looked forward to by first Catherine Park residents

b2ap3 medium MichaelandSueCatherinePark2

Imagine being the first person to move in to a new suburb. Sure, it wouldn’t be the first time in history that somebody moved somewhere new, but it would feel a bit special, wouldn’t it?

Michael and Sue are the proud first residents of Catherine Park Estate, a master planned development situated between Harrington Grove and Oran Park.

Since moving in at the very start of 2017, the newest residents of O’Keefe Street have proven popular with those looking at Catherine Park. Being the first completed home in the street means it is also the most popular amongst those considering what to put on their block.

“People are always coming up and knocking on our door, or taking photos of our house. They ask ‘who designed it?’, ‘can we have a look around?’” laughed the two. “We always say yes, we have shown them the plans, we’re happy to share them.”

But, it wasn’t always Michael and Sue’s plan to uproot and build a new home.

“When we decided to downsize, we were thinking a house in an established suburb close to Harrington Grove would suit us best,” said Sue. “But Catherine Park released land at the time we were looking and once we looked here we didn’t look any further.”

The decision to make the move to the area came in part because of their children and grandchildren. Sue and Michael’s kids have left home and are married now with kids of their own, so one of the priorities for the Sue and Michael was to be close to them as Sue often looks after her 4-year-old and 1 year old grandchildren.

“Not only to be close to them, but there is so much here to do with them. We have the river across the road, surrounded by bushland. Ducks walking past every afternoon and a we have a large block with plenty of room to play. Its everything we wanted for our new home and for our grandchildren to enjoy.”

For 25 years, Michael and Sue were residents of Edensor Park, but were looking to downsize and be close to their children and grandchildren who live close by in Harrington Grove.
“We built a brand-new house, not really downsizing, but certainly built in the features we wanted,” said Michael.

“The grandchildren were a large part of the reason we chose Catherine Park,” said Sue.

As Catherine Park is developed and new residents join Michael and Sue, we asked what they were looking forward to most.

“Good neighbours – we have met a lot of them already and are looking forward to a community getting together,” concluded Sue.

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March 21, 2018, 9:32 pm