Catherine Park Estate is the latest unique development from Harrington Estates, a development group that has successfully delivered the award-winning Harrington Park and Harrington Grove estates as pillars of Macarthur’s residential environment.

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Catherine Park Estate has been designed with careful and deliberate synergy between the architects, planners and builders to ensure it is beautiful and functional. This means that it will be different yet entirely harmonious, with all of the various elements working together seamlessly. What's more, the promises of a master-planned estate will be carried through to fruition, making Catherine Park Estate a place that feels different, whichever way you look.

Catherine Park Estate will epitomise intelligent design, set to be highlighted through a clever street layout, mature landscaping and a dual approach to housing. Residents will have the choice of homesites to build on between 390m2 and 650m2 - or alternatively can select a completed home.

Understated, not under-delivered

The importance of quality will underpin every street, every curve in the road, each house design and every landscape. Catherine Park Estate has been designed to ensure it will make the best use of space. Featuring architecturally designed homes and an array of walkways and parks, space will be a central element in the Catherine Park Estate lifestyle

19 Mar
Catherine Park Estate’s newest resident is from Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast; lively, welcoming and environmentally-minded. ‘Fifi’ – the 10-metre high Ficus Hillii Figtree – will welcome residents from her central position on the second ro...
14 Feb
There are so many thoughts and emotions one faces on the cusp of building a new home. The possibilities seem endless (and somewhat confronting) and after a while, it can be difficult to tell one floor plan from another. Here are five elements to cons...
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March 21, 2018, 9:30 pm